Business - VIDEO

(3 to 4 minute, web broadcast)

‘Overview’ is a presentation of your organization. Quick complete media graphically combines to spotlight your products, services, and overall operations.

Facility walk through, drone aerial, time-lapse video, fleet/production, and associate interview video production is included.

(this clip is an edit for Facebook/Instagram)

(run time content dependent)

Custom can include events, training, anouncements/introductions, and other specialized content.

Subject matter will bound recording modes and technical requirements. Video length connects to content. Commercial quality audio, music, and titles are included.

(30 to 60 second, web broadcast)

Just what the name implies. ‘Commercial’ is broadcast advertising of your business or organization.

Scripting, audio and lighting, and graphics (titles) are crafted to deliver positive memorable messages. Content determines recording mode and techniques. Commercial quality audio, music, and titles are included.

Cross Over
 Video or motion may be applied to any imaging element of your company. Whether it’s your business web site or social media pages it is now easy to add high quality video. Key staff members, specialized tools or products, all aspects are great candidates for video production.

We can advise when motion will be a beneficial compliment to your communication activity. People, Facilities, and Products and Service may employ both still and motion imaging to their best advantage. Drone aerial is included to add impact to your marketing.

     Video Services Include:
• UHD and/or 4K Recording Resolution (delivered in H.264 MP4 format)
• Business/Organization Branding & Information Titles
•Professional and Trending Title design
• Clean, Bright, Engaging Editing Production
• Tasteful Content-Appropriate Music Track
• Broadcast Quality Voice Recording
• UAS (drone) Aerial Video

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