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    On-Line Account, Activity, and Content Management

These utilities are available on our Account and Booking portal:

• View Calendar for Open Time Blocks
• Schedule Jobs
• Pay Completed Contracts

• View and Download Invoices from Past Assignments
• View and Download Photos and Video
• View and Download Photos and Video from Past Assignments

• Upload Personal Profile Photos and Logo Graphics

• Enter Preferred Contact Info

• Enter Social Media Links

All your activity with John Carson Photography is manageable through this web service. No 'app download' is needed. Your JCPhoto account is accessible on computer and mobile (Windows, iOS, Android).

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Notes on Using the System:

Set Your Time Zone

This system defaults to Eastern Standard Time, and all your appointments will be two hours early.

To Check Availability

Click 'View the Portfolio' and then 'Show Availability'. It will be a weekly calendar. THE BLUE BLOCKS ARE OPEN TIME. The white open spaces are booked hours.

Pay Later

The last step booking a job is the payment page. Pay now with credit/debit card if you want. If not, click 'Pay Later' (bottom box). And then 'Confirm and Pay' to lock in the appointment.